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Welcome to our new MurderGrounds site!

We are a Steam gaming clan formed around ww2 mod Day of Defeat on won servers back in 2001, we moved on to the Source version of Day of Defeat and have supported this game with many custom maps created by our clan members and others from the community.

We have also hosted our own MurderGrounds game servers for years and still do today!

Our core members are a small group of friends and family members.

We have had upwards of 80+ members over the years many have moved on to different games or clans others have stuck around over the years our [MG]Brotherhood members.


Below is our game server tracker for our newest ww2 game Post Scriptum!


Not yet released beta map I had the privilege of beta testing on the Post scriptum UE dev server over the weekend and I made this walk thru video of the Arnhem Lane city and the view of the city from church top.