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[MG] Recruiting station

MurderGrounds Clan Formed by Friends back in 2001


We offer a relaxed no pressure gaming environment without screaming on the mic.

We don't kick or ban you because you are new and don't know what your doing yet, We do kick and ban asshats Team Killers and douchebags that just want to Insult others and bring down player moral.

We have some good guys that really like helping others progress and learn the games and tactics in both public play and competitive play.

We are looking for new members of any age range that just want to enjoy playing with friends in several games on steam when they can we have no requirements as far as how much you have to play.

We have NO fees at all we have always covered the cost of our servers and always will that is why we have survived so long

[MG] offers public gaming and competitive matches

If you are interested please contact myself [MG]B@D on steam or [MG]BAD on discord .

[MG] MurderGrounds has been around since 2001 formed around Counter Strike and Day of Defeat.

Many clan where spun off from [MG] in the past years but we are the ONLY one of them still Active!

If your reading this and you like Post Scriptum please join our steam group!

Cool beans!