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Post-Scriptum Training Server

Here are some rules to follow while on our [MG] Training server!


This is a NO killing level!!! breaking our rules will result in a kick or server ban!

No shooting people on the range or vehicles on the spawn. If you want to shoot vehicles, drive them onto the range or off to the sides of the range If you disobey, then you will be kicked.

Destroy vehicles only when they are in the firing range - firing line - NOT SPAWN AREAS!

Do not shoot any weapons on the vehicles that are on their spawn point.

Apologize for accidental kills it helps a lot.

Report any violations to admin "Repete offenders will be banned."

INSTANT BANS = Spawn killing Other team gets you banned - Intensional team killing gets you banned - Blowing up fortification others have Created for the hell of it gets you banned!

If you would like to join [MG] and become a Server Moderator or Admin here contact > [MG]B@D or Admin on duty!

[MG] MurderGrounds.Com Gaming since 2001


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